Tuesday, April 24, 2007

oh goodness gracious

okay, no alcohol today, at least none topically, but maybe some orally

up at 7 am, on the road by 7:15 pm, in (85 miles away) College station for photography class by 9:30 am

second class at 4 pm

got a speeding ticket at 6 pm in Tomball, (next town over) on the way home, 62 mph in a 50 on a HIGHWAY. got home in time to get 7 year old to music recital at school by 6:45 pm

back home by 8 pm, and now having to call darling daughter #3 before she has dinner.

grandbaby jordan is starving to death, according to him, he has been camped out on his momma's boobie for 2 hours. ;)

have a doctor appointment about toe tomorrow.