Monday, April 23, 2007

toe booboo

my morning is now after noon... ;)

friday was horrible for me, very very stressful and I nearly broke down, fortunately, I had my daughter, and while it was not 'healthy' for her to scream her head off at me, it did help me realize that I was driving myself crazy. setting expectations that I could not meet.

I am a chronic family problem solver and I really need to take that down a notch. I can not solve all problems and I am not 'here' to do so. I do not know why I feel sucked into the problems. I need to take care of me first and that is really a big enough job all by itself.

today I am totally buzzing on my chocolate chip cookies and coffee.. I am serious, this is like really flying.. almost a happy dumping... heehee who need cocaine or heroin? sugar... sugar... sugar....


so work is going well, albeit stressful at times. making some money, but not as much as my goal.

eating is going well, albeit not as nutritious as necessary, but I am surviving and not gaining. and that is the ultimate goal right? eat to live, not live to eat.

however, my big toe is infected from a booboo that has gone awry, I hit it with hydrogen peroxide on Saturday. I used triple antibiotic ointment with hydrogen peroxide on Sunday. I soaked it in salt water today,and hit it with hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic ointment, hopefully it will get better shortly.

family is going well, albeit, totally out of control right now, that is the fly in the ointment, one daughter is going bankrupt, the other daughter is having serious marital issues, one daughter is a stark raving loon, and one son is having anger management issues.

so I get a call, dd#2 did not get in for an interview because she was 4 minutes late

she did however break down in her truck about 3 miles away, so i went over and helped her remove and replace her alternator, but that was not the only problem because we barely made it out of the parking lot and it died again, so it must be the wiring harness or the solenoid which really sucks, I hate dealing with this stuff.

tomorrow I am driving her to College Station (80 miles away for two photography modeling sessions with two different photographers.) it is great experience for us to learn how the pro's do it. just stressful to coordinate.

DS#1 has a music recital tomorrow night, so we will not be lollygagging around at the trade show, will have to get all our shopping done between the two sessions.

a former mentor caught up with me today, talked my ear off... wants me to sign up for a $250 training / certification session.. not to sure how I feel about that. seriously considering it.

if it were up to me, I would solve all problems before lunch, but I can not CONTROL other people, I can not even manipulate them as I would see fit. as a matter of fact, they are not even answering my phone calls with all my well meaning advice, which leads me to believe that they do not see that there is even a problem. so I really need to stop worrying about it and get back to my marketing at work and just let them be. other than anger management boy, and that will definitely come to a screeching halt. my sheet rock can not handle any more of his temper fits.