Wednesday, April 25, 2007

R we Tired yet?

I am finding that it is a whole new world out there.

I am wearing strange clothes and feeling 'out of my element' now, my 21 year old daughter helps me shop, she knows that I do not want to 'dress 21' but I do want to wear clothes that 'fit' and you know that you can not trust a sales person to tell you the truth.


now I am wearing skorts and sleeveless and form fitting and I am getting 'checked out', yesterday I got some looks because I was wearing sandals that did not go with my dress, but my toe hurt, so I had to make do. now I know I need to pick up some 'dress' sandals' and start dressing the part of the other humans.

most of the people that I come in contact with each day do not know me. that includes the people that KNEW me before. they do not recognize me. I can stand right there and talk to them and they do not know that they have known me for 10 years. people are just weird.

I made an impression last night, I went to my son's school music recital, and I wore a DARLING black lace skirt and a tight tank top with lots of cream lace. very cute. I swear, there were 20% skinny people in the crowd and 80% fluffy people, no one gave me bad looks, just LOOKED. I kept my tummy sucked in and still felt 'fat' which is still 'from within' not without. (granted my dh, commented (not meanly) about my deflated intertube around my tummy) but he cheerfully noticed that my batwings are shrinking. so back to the topic..

MOST people talk to me the same. more people 'help' me because they think that I am too frail to pick something up. and I get a lot more acceptance from the general public than I did before surgery. I do not share that I had surgery, so I do not get any more backlash about it. my pet peeve with one lady last week was she seriously thought that I would not be able to get down a WHOLE arbys small shake. heehee took me the same amount of time as it would have a year ago. I think it goes back to high school, people will believe in us, what we believe in ourselves. if you 'believe' that you fit in, you do. it is more about 'projection' than about what others perceive.

last night I was ready to go to bed, forgot that Krys and the baby were still here and needed a ride home, stopped off at the store and got them and me some groceries, at like MIDNIGHT

today it is raining, I have to hit two banks, make a credit card payment, deposit my print payments

I really need to get my display up at the daycare with the sample images TODAY

I have already ordered a proof book for a client, and put in two daycare 'residual' orders, they should be here by friday

drive the dh to work, pick up the dd, take her to the dmv, get my self to the dr for my booboo toe and get a package off to the church for a confirmation in 10 days

I have already had my cherrios, emailed the school to locate Magnus's Field Day Tshirt that I ordered and paid for weeks ago, but did not arrive on Monday.

I have printed all the new orders and print confirmations so I am on schedule for workflow for the studio

AND I need to change out the batteries in the blazer and get that to the parts store and figure out why the battery is not getting a charge today

oh, when was my dds appt?