Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rules of the Pouch

okay, you would think that after THIS many months that SOME people would have a clue.

I went out to dinner with my family last night.

I was talking on the phone with darling daughter #3, it is a court appointed mandatory call so not taking the call was not an option.

we went to a salad bar, and I made really good choices. small salad plate, 1/3 leafy green salad, 1/3 pasta, 1/3 pasta salad (okay, now that I think about THAT, maybe I didnt make REALLY good choices.) and I ate it, chewing okay, but talking so much that I really didnt notice it. just pushing it in my mouth and putting it in my tummy. in the middle, I take a swig of water, eat, water, eat, and the cramps start. which really sucks, we only get to go to there 3 or 4 times a year because we are watching our budget. and I really didnt get to 'enjoy' it. (my life is really just too hectic still with work and family issues) I shove the water away, I really need to enlist my family in helping me, I really do not want water DURING a meal. not sure what the deal is why we got it, I never order water with meals anymore normally.

so I get off the phone and then I get the rest of my dinner ate.

then darling daughter #1 calls, and she and hubby have decided to move back here (to texas from montana) okay, that is a big change. wow. have to take that call.

I hang up, get a small ladle of soup and a small ladle of lemon lave cake. back to eating, I am talking 'shop' with darling daughter #2 about her twin sister moving back and about maybe including dd#1 into the family business and does dd#2 think that it would work. and I TRY the soup. not that good. I eat the cake.

now. you would think that I would be dumping from the cake right? nope. cake is fine. the leafy greens at the bottom of my pouch start to rumble and growl. I get the worst case of gas, and tummy ache and dull pain ever. I swear I thought I was gonna implode before I got home.

after farting and burping, I feel better. watching some tv, I pass out into my little coma for a few minutes, and then I wake up, literally maybe 10 minutes. and I am FINE.

naturally I have to take time for reflection and resolve not to repeat the episode, it has been too long since I had leafy greens. that is not a good sign. do not drink ice water with leafy greens. duh. goodness. when will my pouch ever be back to normal?