Saturday, April 21, 2007

a bright new day

okay, uploaded a customer's session last night and got some sleep. well sorta. a little guy banging on my door insisting on camping out in the middle of the night was the only interruption. started him on the floor, but he snuggled up at some point in the night.

I have been blogging for 7 years, which reminds, me, I should 'backup' my last months blog to my hard drive.

as for sleep, yep, as soon as I uploaded Shannon's proofs, (she gets a little miss'ish if she doesnt have a fast turnaround) :-) which I was so totally impressed with myself, what I am sure Aaron would say was a session from hell, had a remarkable number of nice shots IMO.

I have to finish proofing Amy's session, and I have a 'shoot' in 2 hours and then I will have to get back to 'ordering' I have 4 orders that I have to get to the lab.

last night was uneventful. appears that all body fluids are still intact. ;)

I am being a really good girl, I have my coffee in front of me (24 oz of fluids) and my cream of wheat (8 grams of protein) so I am off to a good start today.

my big toe is still throbbing and I am so warm now (was freezing last night) that I have opened a window in April.