Thursday, May 31, 2007

Season Over

I am DONE for the season. and it was just like that POOF. one minute I wanted to work, the next minute I was dreading the phone ringing.

fine. no more marketing which really sucks because I just finished printing out a piece, but I think I will just set it aside until next year (it is labeled for fathers day) because I really do not want to work June. I am in a mood and it is affecting my work and so I am useless to me and everyone I shoot. I have some homework to do for the business:, database management, file management, and then I am off until mid august to spend time with the family. With my current attitude, I am not going to keep my customers happy.

It was a good season, lots of sessions, lots of really cute little kids. Time for reflection and for database management, file management and basically a rest before Fall/Holiday season.

Am I successful? maybe. maybe not. but the question falls back to me.


If I do not believe in myself, no one will. in the last year, I have had such a reckoning with myself and my self worth.

"if I could buy you for what you THINK that you are worth, and then sell you for what you ARE worth, I would be a very rich woman!"

It seriously has to come from within myself.

If I do not want to work with a client, I do no follow-up with them, I take control and remain in control of my life. no one else can do it for me. I do not want to undervalue myself in my own eyes or anyone else's so I have to get comfortable with knowing my own worth. actually putting a price on it. not accepting discounts to that value. insisting that I am of value, and refusing to allow disrespectful behavior, even something as slight as someone asking me to discount myself for their benefit.

a recent for instance: I set my prices. I am worth $100/hour. someone asks me to only take $50/hour. why? because they can only afford $50. is that really the problem? can they really only afford $50 or do they feel that $100 / hour is not what I am worth? do they ask their doctor to only accept $50? do they ask the restaurant to only accept $50 when the tab for a dinner for 4 is $100? do they ask the car dealership to only accept $10,000 on a $20,000 car? why me? why do I look like I am worth less? I am not, I sure do not see why I should be. a mechanic will not offer a discount when he spends 9 hours on a transmission rebuild.

all of those vendors provide a service and all of them charge a fee and it is not 'negotiable' you can accept it or not, it is your choice. same with photography. I am worth the money, and you can accept it or not. it is your choice as a client.

good plan. heehee