Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Time Allocation

so I followed the advice. I started work at 7:30 am, worked through lunch, but knocked off at 2:45 pm, and called it a day (assuming that I do not get sucked back in, in the next few minutes, but I promise I will not.

Just check my emails and then turn in. I am going to limit myself to 8 hour work days and 8 hour mom days. now I did end up doing 'mommy' duty all night, which still leaves little time for 'ME' but I did have a talk with #1 time sucking daughter about my stress level over the last 6 months, and hopefully she will understand that I have to put her on time restrictions as well.

breakfast was good, two eggs

for dinner I was extremely good, just chicken

late night snack banana

talked to the hubby, he agrees that I need to scale back the devoted mommy thing, and keep a set work schedule. but now what do I do with myself that is for me? I am behind on my reading, behind on my 'watching movies' but what about something healthy to get out of the house. he is totally not interested in that. we used to go bike riding together, but other than getting back and forth to work, he is low interest on that as well. the boys would gladly ride with me, but then we are back to MOMMY time. grrr