Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Doctor Visit

okay... the good:

I got my lab work back and all my numbers are fantastic.

my triglycerides, my cholesterol, my iron, my folate, my B12, my B1, my this, that and the other. all good. my Red Blood Cells and White Blood Cells are a little low, but I am fine. my inflammation is fine.

my back is a little achy from riding the roller coaster and the stuff like a young whipper snapper, but even that today is subsiding gradually.

The new doctor is 'preaching' the the choir about my health, nutrition and prognosis for the next year. I am to go back in 6 months, but over all, I know what labs I need and how to read the report as well if not better than he can, since he didn't see the Iron and Folate results until after I pointed out that YES I did have them run.

his theory is to eat a little bit of everything, and practice moderation in all things and DO NOT STRETCH THE POUCH. fine. I can handle that.

looks like Krys is going to finally get her wedding photos. talked to the photographer today, sounds promising, he says in the mail tomorrow.

prayers in that department.

looks like the roofer is going to FINALLY fax my receipt to the insurance adjuster, after 14 freaking bloody days of hounding his proverbial arse. I am so totally not amused on this transaction and sverre is beyond infuriated! we should get the check tomorrow and then just -0- zero out the account. what a PITA!

reviewing my work calendar, everything seems to have slowed to a screaming halt. one more session for the year and that is all that is on the books. I will definitely need to do some more marketing to get some more appointments booked or it will not be a pleasant summer. I did get a couple of orders submitted today, one will drop ship directly to the customer, I am quickly discovering, that is THE way to go. I do not have to fuss with it from here on out. no printing labels, no standing in line at the post office. definitely finding that with Jordan, Erik, Magnus and Krystal, trips to the post-office are to be avoided at all costs.

today was the boy's last day at school. that was a MONSTER hustle fest for me. in Magnus room, then Erik's room, then Magnus and then Erik, lunch with Magnus, popcicles with Erik, popcorn with Magnus, books with Erik, books with Magnus, I swear I was going to plow into myself in the hall. 5 hours later, we are done for the year. yeah! Whew!

now for the RUDE AWAKINGING. the boys are 1st and 2nd graders and will have chores. EVERY DAY. and today was day one and that was a harsh day. you would think that I was raising Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie instead of a couple of healthy boys.

the daily chores:
empty the dishwasher
load the dishwasher
empty the trash
make the bed
pick up dirty laundry
the weekly chores:
pick up the toys off the floor
vaccum the toy room

should be an interesting summer if not downright surprizing!