Tuesday, May 29, 2007

voices in my head

telling me to do something productive today after 3 days of 'goofing off'

back on task, focus on focusing


where to begin. gracious, I have no idea. I have 100's of ideas swishing around in my head and no idea what to do.

I have printed out the studio marketing planner and have started filling it out to figure out where I am.

I am still completely frustrated with my logo and need to figure out why it is driving me insane. once I have my logo, I can progress to finalizing my 'branding' literature.

I totally need to do a fathers day mailing today. I have designed the page, just need to print, label the envelopes and mail. then again, do I really want to 'jump back into work" or should I enjoy this last month before I take off for 6 weeks and just 'rest', I need the money, but do I need the stress? should I perhaps just focus on an august mailing? 'sigh' or both? get this one out and try to get a couple fathers day appointments and then focus on august? back and forth in my head. I can not realistically get an appointment done and back in time anyways with my current printer, they are slower than whale dung and I grow more and more disappointed with them each day. their prices go up, their service time goes down, I was getting faster service from costco.

I have left voice mail with the insurance adjuster, really need that check today.

the more I think about work, the more anxious I get. so maybe the best thing is to stop, and do nothing, which is what I feel like I have been doing for months now, just running around but accomplishing nothing.

I should get something printed and to my #1 cheerleader, that would totally rock. I should have had it to her last week, but I dropped the ball when I was trying to compensate in the boys's classrooms for not 'being there' all spring.

so if I were to stop and focus, what is the one thing that I can get done today? I can get an order mailed. it is sitting here, in the box, just needs a label and then shipped. that is one thing.

so that is the one thing that I will do today.

get a shower, get dressed, eat a good breakfast, call the adjuster and go to the post office.

good plan