Friday, May 25, 2007

weight loss and high divorce rate

I think that there are underlying problems that were present before the surgery for those that after finding success in changing their lives, they also find that life it too short to stay with someone that is not supportive.

my husband loved me before, during and after weight loss. he did not feel that I needed to do anything to earn his love.

I made a choice and he supported that. because for whatever reason, I had made a choice. so he has been there for me. and even when I get irritated with the choice, he laughs at me, with me, but never has he not supported me.

spouses that are threatened by change, do not want to face change themselves. we had a long running joke during the process.

he has a $.5 Million dollar life insurance policy.

If I do not have the surgery, and I die, he gets .5 million. he wins.
If I do have the surgery, and I die, he gets .5 million. he wins.
If I do have the surgery, and I get skinny, he gets a skinny wife. he wins.

he sees it as a win/win situation, so I can do whatever I want.

as for easy, HAHAHAHAHAHA

first off the last thing it is - is easy, TRUST ME. it is not EASY. it is not fun. it is hardass work. harder than you have ever worked for in your life. but you do succeed. gurgles, head hunger, foamies, and all.

you have to make a choice in your head and heart that you want to LIVE. really live. not this existence that you have been coasting on, getting from point A to point B. I was taking my kids camping and biking and it was knocking the stuffing out of me. now I can actually PARENT my kids and BE THERE. it is not about accepting your size, it is about making a change that is forever and knowing that you are in control of you, not your your tummy.