Monday, May 21, 2007

goal getter!

last week: 145
this week: 145
no change... finally stabilized and watching what I eat.

Work a holic:
I just ordered my daycare cards from vistaprint. hand delivered 20 'packages' to new potential daycares in our zip code last week. 9 more to go.

in each packet:

1 'invitation' to schedule
1 folded 5x7 daycare info card
1 6x9 glossy daycare benefits card
1 kit kat bar

I am making up another list for a different zip code and have a local mom that will deliver there.

friday I shot both son's class individual portraits with their teacher, proofed and printed on 8.5x11 for comb bound memory books

just about finished the 19 comb bound memory books for son's kindergarten class. need to make an ad for the back cover

will finish the 20 comb bound memory books for son's first grade class and duplicate the ad on the backcover.

need to schedule Kindercare reshoot, proof wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and upload

Erik has a well visit scheduled to the pediatrician today, I was not watching the clock well and missed it, had to reschedule for June. I have a trip to the ophthalmologist. that bozo tried to convince me that I need bifocals. that is for OLD PEOPLE!

Last night Jordan was over for his 'treatment'. he got a double dose of smoke this weekend visiting his other granny and was all congested. we got his bowels moving, a nice bath, shampooed his hair and a 4 oz bottle of rice milk to top him off.

SOMEONE has to get the civic in for an oil change. this is NUTS!