Wednesday, October 25, 2006

WLSerenity Prayer

I am finding that I am getting away with A LOT more today than I could three months ago.

now I know that honeymoon is not just 'my' honeymoon, but my pouch's honeymoon. today I sucked down a regular pop, I just know that blew my caloric intake limit.

repeat after me:
God? grant me the serenity to step away from the Carbs.
to accept that lean meats and leafy greens was my choice forever
the courage to call my carb sponsor when I feel the need to eat TWO hushpuppies from Long John Silvers the same day I sucked down a 20 oz RooT BeeR
and the wisdom to know that a 4 oz pouch can not hold 6 oz of chili, chips and cheese from Wendys!