Thursday, October 19, 2006

squishy babies and icky tummy

OMG... 21 babies on Tuesday, 29 toddlers today I am EXHAUSTED

the babies are from ages 8 weeks to 12 months
the toddlers are from 2 years to 4 years

krys was wiped out as well~

I throw up, not daily, but frequently. I never have a problem with making it to the restroom, so I am pretty discreet.

last night was a typical situation. breakfast was fine. same ol same ol

lunch was fine, same ol, same ol cottage cheese

dinner was fine, piece of pork chop,

then my daughter and I stopped in the mall and she got a chicken noodle soup. I had

1 noodle, and 1 piece of chicken.


and within seconds, I knew that I was not going to keep it down. we walked out to the car, I felt wretched. we drove 17 miles towards her house, finally I had to pull over, and get out of the car and up came the noodle and the chicken.

I got back in the car, drove her home, and then went home myself, so about 45 minutes after the noodle and chicken, I was home and there was the REAL stomach content emptying session. and then I layed down, watched some tv, and felt fine.

this happens about three times a week, it seriously is no big deal. it is just something that happens, I try something that doesnt agree with me. teusday it was refried beans with jalepenoes. and it came back up. last week it was a deepfried mozzarella cheese stick.

mostly it is the pouch saying, no, bad choice, get it out of here!

need to schedule my blood work, I hate needles. I hate needles, I hate hate hate needles.

and did I make it clear


however, I get my labwork done every 90 days for the last 4 years and now it is to the point that I am okay, I am a quick poke, and with a good phlebotomist I am in and out.

my last results were 10x better than before surgery! whoohoo! I used to be the 'bad news bears' with my results. At one point my triglycerides were so bad 150+ they said that I was practically a solid! heehee now they are under 100.. it is good news.