Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bah Hum Bug Indeed

62 days until christmas.

in my defense. I buy all the gifts for my 5 children. I buy all the gifts for my parents and my inlaws. I put up the tree, I decorate the house, I do all the baking. I do all the shopping for the dinner, I plan out the menu, come christmas morning, I put the big fat bird in the oven. I cooke everything that day from scratch, deviled eggs, glorified rice salad, candied yams, mashed potatoes, pepper gravy, cranberry stuffing, fresh homemade bread, I stuff the stockings, I make the home cooked breakfast (pancakes/hashbrowns/bacon/eggs)
when it comes to gifts. I usually get one from my parents (check for $35). one from his parents (re-gifted jewelry) and one from him (last year a book). usually I will get something from the dollar store from two of the kids.

THAT is MY christmas. it is excruciating difficult to keep 'giving' for the last 29 years, (yes, I have been IN CHARGE of christmas since I was 13 and still get excited, when I am THE ONLY ONE. they rip through the goodies, they play with the goodies, they gobble up the food and say thank you. but you know, it just doesnt 'give me pleasure' anymore.

just one year, I would like to have someone go gungho about the holiday for me. to treat me. to buy me a birthday cake (my birthday is 6 days before and so far I think my husband has bought me one special birthday cake in 10 years.

goodness gracious sakes alive.

I feel TONS better about what I ate

2 flintstones complete

B: 1 oz organic blueberries
2 oz organic cottage cheese

S: .5 oz belgium chocolate
17 oz talking rain SF sparkling water

L: 1 oz organic chicken
2 flintstones complete

D: 1 homemade norwegian waffle (6 in diameter) (eggs,milk,flour,baking soda, cardamon)

S: 3 oz organic sweet potatoes

Totals 303 cal
11 fat
30 carbs
21 protein