Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Queen Worrier


since you are just dying to know, I will talk about ME

since it is all about ME!


it is october right? why is it 90+ degrees here daily? too freaking wierd.

it is october, so everyone is starting to think about family photos for christmas, I am not getting as many calls as I would like. grrr some, but not nearly enough.

my tummy is rumbly still. not handling foods with all the stress very well. I went from 180 in 1990 with naomi to 285 in 2001 with magnus down to 242 in 2005 on my own and back up to 275 by march 2006 and now with the limited intake, the limited absorbtion I am down to........

drum roll please.......

177 lbs. 1989 weight... I can say that I am happy, nervous, thrilled, scared, happy, and overwhelmed. now that I am down this far, what if it doesnt stop. what if I end up like some that get down to 115 and struggle to just maintain at that? it seems like a dream when you fighting the first 100 lbs, but it could happen when your get to this point. I still loose 3.6 lbs a week, I am not exersizing, I am not restricting my diet by content, I am eating carbs and stuff. but I am not slowing down. for now, one thing at at time, to get down another 27 lbs, but naturally I am a worrier. I am not happy if I am not worrying.