Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the Calm before the STORM

it will be 'quiet' at work for 10 days and then I will be GONE for a week... that is going to be insane!

I have 100 children, and 40 families scheduled over 4 days. I could quite possibly go stark raving mad!

the children should take 10 minutes each but the families are 30 minutes.. what a blessed nightmare.

as for me personally.

friday night I woofed down asparagus, didnt chew it properly, and barfed it up saturday night.

sunday night I was very good and left the house before the homemade pizza came out of the oven, and had a wendy's chili instead.

monday I had chicken fajita fixings without any carbs, i was such a good girl, after consuming a gargantuon bag of baked kettle potato chips.

today I was pretty good. cottage cheese, chili, chicken. but not enough fluids to keep a cockroach alive. but my CHILDREN are going to be the death of me, they are quite possibly the most needing creatures known to man.

one called, she needed $10 (she makes 100x more a month than I do, and she needed some sympathy that he hurt her leg horseback riding, and she needed some sympathy that she had a cold)

the other called, she needed a tank of gas, and she needed someone to help her cash her payroll check, and support her since she is quiting her job (4 years with the company, using her pregnancy as an excuse) and

the other other one is just being silly about her teeth not being as white as the new baby at daycare, and of course do not get me started on

the boys, I had to take one to chess club today and the other stayed home from school due to vomiting yesterday)

one of the things that I was thinking about today was that I checked online post weight loss support group all weekend and really didnt see anything that perked my interested to post too. and I was wondering, do I really need 'support' now that I know what I can and can not do, what I should and should not do, and whatnot. I did call my surgery buddy in wisconsin and got some 'support', so I would have to say, yes, I still need a buddy system. and maybe that was my issue, that I didnt see anything 'to me' in my 'in' box.

now I do not resort to snacking when I get sad from an empty in box, but I do see that I do miss having goodies in my inbox.

I noticed that when I post, everyone posts back, but when I do not post, no one posts to me (until now) no, this was not a blatant attention fishing expedition, just think that I am not alone, we all like warm fuzzies, course I am one of those really wierd people that get a giggle out of cold pricklies from time to time, just shows how warped I really am.

but *sigh* feedback feels good. feedback makes you feel part of the group. so I know that I still need to be on the 'list' to see how everyone else is doing, and share how I am doing. ;) now I do have serious issues with this new format on the board, 1/2 the time I can not even get on the board, I get error messages. that is frustrating as hell.