Saturday, October 07, 2006

I am Happy today

gracious, every once in a while, totally unrelated to PMS, I turn into a pathological-psychopath (wonder if that is a real Dx). I do not know exactly what started it, but I am guessing finding out that I was 'fished' and 'sniped' by my auto insurance regarding my homeowners insurance. I know that it started a week ago friday, and today, day 8, I woke up and it went away. two days after I finally confessed to my husband of the blunder. (I even called my bank to make sure that I was not being "phished' and "sniped" and they concured that it was ligitimate, but on the day that the check for $1488.00 was to go out, I called and double checked with a third party, and found out that my initial instinct was correct, it was a scam and I was pretty unhappy.

completely going nuts over our finances, the stress of the monthly payments for this business ($550/month) and trying to market for the fall / winter and make enough money to make ends meet. and my electronic junkie husband going COMPLETELY ape(fecal material) and making some choices that I do not feel comfortable with (he shops at Circuit City and BestBuy, I shop at Goodwill and Salvation Army)

because of all that tormoil that has been going on since august 20th, (spending $1500 in fixing a bathroom, doing all the work myself, to get inspected for this insurance, paying $100 for the inspection for this insurance) had my tummy so upset that every day, I would eat, but by bedtime I threw it all back up due to nerves.

now ignoring all that brewhaha, I am happy today. which says a lot, most days I am NOT happy. as a matter of fact, god seems to have my periods completely backwards, because I am only happy once a month, and it lasts about a weekend. ;-)

today I was a 'dynamo' I was getting my holiday prices fine tuned (COGS=10%) getting my price cards printed out to go with my displays (THIS IS SO TOTALLY ROCKING!, getting my display completely jammin! I am loving it. getting my fall Limited Edition and my Christmas Limited Edition put together. I am just screamingly happy. no there are no photos yet, but by thursday, my orders from aci should be here and then I can post the results.

but I just wanted to share that I am happy.