Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy Dance

breakfast: 1/8th protein bar, 1/5 waffle
lunch: Yankee Stew
dinner: halibut

crystal light

grocery shopping

processed three large orders, one with 19 images, one with 2 images, and one with 5 images and two collages. I feel good. I feel confident.

I set up a hikey in my garage and I am going to master it, doing better each time I work on it. gives me the giggles. I still need to promote myself to the daycares, but this is important work as well. better lighting, better photography, better person. have to make a list of goals for next week.

weight: 176 lbs... AF is here again, so I am bloated, will be more confident of my weight next week when this is over. should see another monster slide down the scales.