Friday, October 20, 2006

Weigh In -101 lbs! (7 months 2 weeks)

Last week - 179lbs
This week - 174lbs
Total loss - 101lbs

I finally made it to the century club 'officially'

my highest weight was 285 in 2001, but I lost 40 lbs on my own, and gained back 30, so my official starting point was 275 in March 2006. I am not sure if I was more jazzed about the century club when I 'quietly' hit the 100 mark at 185 or today at 174.

either way, it is a lot of change for me. had a guy that is friends with my dh come over last night, he was talking about his weight loss (he has lost 20 lbs) and how he could relate to mine, being cold and whatnot without the extra lbs for insulation. I was 'very understanding' but in my head, I was thinking. 'bubba, you do not know squat about being cold, I am standing in houston texas with a wool sweater on that I bought in norway to keep from freezing to death, and your still packing an extra 60 lbs to keep your fanny warm) but I just smiled and nodded. he was so proud of himself for eating 1000 calories a day on his diet. he audiably gasped when I explained that I was eating 6 oz a day and 400 calories. he obviously was not ready for THAT kind of commitment.