Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday, Monday.. so good to me

Gooooooooooooood Mooooooooooooooooorning. ;-)

couple of things this week. Saturday is my big EVENT day. I have rented a whole building, with fantastic parking, I have two confirmed appointments. I am sure I will get more this week. right? cross your fingers with me.

I plan to go out today and contact 10 daycares in a 5 mile radius and 10 tomorrow. offering them my services and inviting them to see me in action on Saturday.

I have 100 invitations post cards for Saturdays event that I will pass out this week. (I already passed out 133 invitations in October, so I just have to keep going!

big changes in our house this weekend. moved my office into the spare bedroom, with a nice tv to show my images. moved the boys out of the nursery and into the master suite, we are in the large bedroom not the suite, and moved the weight / work out room into the nursery. changed out the tv's, my husband upgraded to a 50" plasma so that I can show slide shows downstairs. I got his 33" flat screen (not a flat screen tv, but a flat screen old tube thingamabob, my 27" went to dd#2 and her 20" went to dd#1 and HER 13" will go to ds(offspring #4) trickle down economics alive and well in our house. ;)

so today I have some more cleaning to do, and then PICTURES!!! this is fantastic that it is DONE, my parents are coming for a couple of months in January, so getting it all done NOW is a good thing! I have to hem the new curtains in the downstairs 'batcave' and make some for the upstairs "nest'

the story about the 'batcave' and 'nest'

my husband is a nocturnal electronics junkie. sitting in a darkened room, hunched over a keyboard with a 19" monitor or slouched down on a black leather couch with the remote and a kickass surround sound is idea of BLISS. FINE. he has a computer that is dedicated to recording HD shows, he has another computer that is dedicated to his CD collection. (that is just insane) and he is able to make custom DVD's of the kids pbs shows and whatnot. FINE. he is happy. whatever. heehee

so I decided that I really need to get my own remote. I discovered that my stereo can be a receiver, kewl. I have SURROUND sound. I inherited his IPaq (music station) and can put MY MUSIC on it, I inherited his fake oak entertainment center and he got my crabby tv stand since his tv wont fit in the center. my ginormous speakers just barely fit in the center (these are so 1984 but way kewl! Sony speakers) I have my own replay, I have my own dvd and I have my own svideo vcr. I am in tall cotton.

I commadiered dd#2 bedroom after she moved out, and now it has my computer, a second entertainment center for scanner, files, office stuff, and my dvd collection, snicker giggle okay, I am turning into a electronic junkie as well. but I am totally happy with stuff that we bought in 1998, I do not need the latest and greatest. but now I can truly appreciate how nice it is to organize my 'nest' and then shut the door and not worry about the kids touchy touchy. now they never touch my stuff so much as they bring their stuff in and scatter, like legos, frustrates the dickens out of me when they have guns, legos, and army men on the floor in rooms other than the toy room. hopefully we are at a happy place right now. ;)

okay, breakfast is calling me. (I have been up for 2 hours, already have the upstairs SPOTLESS, and the downstairs just needs the floors vaccumed and the counters finished washed) whoo hoo!!!

as for my diet, down 1 pound. yippee.. I am 21 lbs from my goal, and 31 lbs from my husbands goal for me. which is a whole nother ISSUE.

"She offered her honor, I honored her offer, and all night long I was on her and off her."


2 vitamins
B: 1 oz blueberries
3 oz cottage cheese

L: 1/8 cup garden salad with ranch
1/2 cup tomato with bean soup (olive garden)
24 oz ice tea with splenda

D: 1 oz chicken
.5 oz broccoli

S: 12 oz protein smoothie:

2 oz orange juice,
3 oz strawberry kefir,
2 cubes ice,
2 oz passion fruit isopure clear,
1 oz frozen blueberries

needed a frozen banana, but I was out.