Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I took my torment out on the bushes in the back yard. now there is a pile in the driveway that is as big as the car. the back yard does not look any different. that just goes to show you that in the tropics, there is just too much crap growing all over everything. but I 'FEEL' better. got a serious work out moving all the branches. got the crap scratched out of me as well, but I burned off some emotions.

rode my bike for 5 miles yesterday, could feel the burn in my legs. they need to be toned up some more. I have been a slug for way too long. course this too will go by the way side. I never keep up that for very long and then I slide back into my vegetative state. at least I know me better.

did finally bite the bullet and ordered plane tickets yesterday. confirmed reservation with motel today. July 2 - August 13. 6 weeks sabbatical to spend time with family and not stress over customers. should put in my 'new' shopping cart and test drive it before fall.

speaking of work. I was out Friday night with Krys and the 'boy' at the ER for colic, until 4 am. then went to a photo shoot Saturday from 2 pm to 4 am.. yes. I did not get home until 4 freaking am.. my choice, we were talking and talking and talking. what a bunch of nice people. and did I mention 4 am? holy moly.

so I TRIED to sleep in Sunday. ha, what a joke. the boys were totally buggin. which is what brought on the attack on the bushes. Sunday we whacked. Monday we moved. Tuesday we bind and bundle. Wednesday is trash day.

but anyways, about my customers. so we shoot for hours, we proofed for hours. and then I get home and edit for... you guessed it.. HOURS. my eyes are buggin now. ;)