Tuesday, June 26, 2007

all about me

today I tried to do right. yesterday was a killer day of 1800 calories.

today fit day has me at

Totals 964 Calories
fat 31 g
Carbs 130 g
Protein 42g

I swear, I did eat,

chicken and 1/2 a 12 oz milkshake for lunch and dinner was at a salad and soup bar. Chick fil a was totally ausome with my custom order:
my daughter and my two sons and I ate out and we wanted it exactly the way that we wanted it. two chicken sandwiches PLAIN, no dressing, no condiments. a 6 piece chicken tenders, no fries, no extras, two flour tortilla, nothing on them (for the chicken tenders to make wraps, and two milk shakes, with four cups. the 8 year old and I split the tenders, each eating half. the four of us split the milkshakes, each getting 1/2 and then the 6 year old got a sandwich and the daughter got a sandwich. now it was not CHEAP, but we got exactly what we wanted and we threw away 1/2 a milkshake, the daughter decided it was too sweet, and we ended up taking home 1/2 a sandwich and one of the chicken tender wraps. but now we know that we really only need a 4 piece instead of a 6 and 1 tortilla. and next time we may only get one shake and divide it three ways instead of two four ways.

I ate until I was totally stuffed, I did not grazing, no snacks. course there were other people at the salad bar that could not believe that while I had two plates from the salad bar, there were just a table spoon of each item on there and only about 4 choices on each plate. they swore that I was not getting my full $7.95 value, but they were ginormous in size, and I do not ever want to go there again.

exersize was returning some clothes and buying some other clothes and talking to and from the parking lot, heehee