Saturday, June 16, 2007

full day of chores and errands

I got up, made hot oatmeal for breakfast for the family
shower and dressed
I made beds, picked up laundry, put laundry away
talked to customers on the phone
I worked on my database and I worked on two of my brochures for work, one for fall studio pricing and for daycares
I worked on my website ( that will go live in the fall
dealt with the fussy baby, who was screaming his bloody head off, pooping
Jazz called and I had to set up an online access account to her capital one credit card and her wells fargo bank to make online transfers, so that she could have an immediate payment without paying $10 with each phone transfer
I fiddled with my finances
Krys picked me up and we drove to get my car
filled her truck up with gas
dropped her truck off to get the a/c repaired
drove to the bank to cash a check, drove to a different bank to deposit the money
went to Kohl's and get me four bras and her a swimsuit top and a pair of Capri's
dropped her and the boys off at the house and picked up the husband from work
cleaned out the refrigerator, washed everything down, took the shelves out and washed them in the sink, repacked all the left overs into smaller ziploc containers, reorganized them so that they were all on one shelf, dh was having fits that he couldn't find anything
mail: the passport is still in limbo, I payed a bill of $2570 so that they would process the passport in march, they didnt get to it until june, now I owe $304 so I have to pay that or no passport. grrr on the phone with three people over that business
went to the seafood market and picked out three different kinds of fish
made three different dinners (krys doesn't do sea food and can not have leafy green vegetables, she got rice and carrots and beans, I had walleye fish and green vegetables, the rest of the family had salmon or halibut and corn (I do not do corn well)
then I baked a coconut cake, that was amazing
watched a movie with the husband (ordinary days)
drove krys and baby home
filled up my car with gas in my pjs, placed 15 brochures for my photography business in the little brochure slots at the gas pump for the gas co credit cards (already empty)