Friday, June 22, 2007

Little Visitor in My Bed

I am up at 4:30 am because Jordan spent the night at his grandma's house. He was having a rough evening, last night, and when I finally got him to sleep at 1130 pm, krys didnt have the heart to wake him back up and have to fight him back to sleep when she got home. He slept until 430 am and now he is back to sleep after sucking down a 4 oz bottle but I am wide awake.

so I am back to work.

I went to Office Depot yesterday, spent $141 on office supplies and nearly chocked, this morning at 5 am, I found a two coupons for $28 total that I could have used, and another one for $10 that had expired last week. I was sick. I am however, going to go back, and buy all the same stuff, use the coupons, then take the original receipt and get a refund. $28 is $28 bucks.

part of it is my own fault, I have more 'crap' and stuff piled up and I can barely find my chair in my office trying to get work done that I can not find my coupons when it is time to go shopping.

finally found the $60 off coupon for my tires from Costco. I just do not have the money yet to get them and of course the coupon expires the end of the month.

my tummy is starting to rumble, I had a bowl of soup with dinner, but didnt finish my squash, then I ate a bunch of pecan nuts and now 8 hours later, it is calling out for some food. I think that I will go make some cream of wheat / cream of oat blend. always a good choice for a rumbly tummy.

today I am wearing lilac polo (4) from Sears, Rino (4), grey low rise sweat pants, and flip floppy sandals

no accessories, have in tiny hoop earrings and my barefoot pendant necklace. no rings or watch this week, AF is visiting