Sunday, June 24, 2007

clothes horse

today I tried to find a SUPPORTIVE swimsuit. they just do not make them more bra-like and my girls are way too saggy to just hang out. I tried some one and know my size so now I can customize something online. I really liked the support in the lands end suits.

as for my closet, now that I am in the ADORABLE size (heehee) I take better care of stuff, hanging up the stuff and keeping most of the wrinkles out. ;-)

I am getting ready to pack for my summer spa trip, and I have as official clothes horse the following:
7 long sleeve sweater / sweater sets, 7 long sleeve blouses, 7 collared short sleeve/sleeveless blouses/polo's, 7 tshirt/wife beater tops, 7 skorts, 4 work slacks, 5 denim jeans, 2 dresses, 2 bib/one piece summer thingies, and two mid calf skirts.

the undie drawer just got a make over (again) and I splurged and bought the kindest bras from kohls - Lilyette wireless OMG nice and comfy, and they do not dig into your shoulders. I tried three in march, got 4 more this week, so a grand total of [7], it seems to be my lucky number, I buy and buy until I have a weeks worth, goes to show you how often I do laundry. heehee, about every two weeks. snicker.

the most amazing thing in the world besides people that stop me everywhere and talk to me now, is that I do not own any elastic waisted pants.

all my pants are 'stationary' and I am not uncomfortable.

now I do have three work out sweat pants that are stretchy, but they are not for out side of the house. my new rule.