Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Husbands and Weight Loss Obsession

my hubby was totally supportive, but said 'nothing' about my weight loss.

the first three months: I went from 247 to 198
at first he was terrified that I would die, and that he would have to raise the kids without me. I didnt die. I lost

the second three months: I went from 198 to 165
then he was worried that I would not 'stick to it' and that it would have been a waste of money. I stuck to it.

the third three months: I went from 165 to 145
then he thought that I look really good, but I was not 'done' and could look even better if I were at goal or even below goal. I kept eating what I wanted to slow down.

the fourth three months. I stabilized between 142 and 147
he is happy with the change, he sees it as his opportunity to have more sex. I do not want more sex and he thinks that he got jipped.

what I have learned and what every other person has to remember is that we do not do this for them. we do this for US. it is all about US. they do not care about wow moments. they really do not care what size clothes we fit into this week. they do care how much money we 'waste' on new clothes that we will only wear for 4 weeks so would prefer that we just buy three pairs of sweats and keep cinching up the drawstring until it is all over. heehee

no one in my family wanted to obsess over my change as much as I did. everyone got to the point that they really didn't want to talk about me.