Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vacation to recover from my Vacation

I get by with a little help from my friends, I get high with a little help from my friends.. heehee

as for work, oh he|| yeah I got to get back to work. TOMORROW. heehee

what is it about being gone and the house going to he|| in a handbasket? today I have had to go to the store to pick up what I missed on two trips yesterday and I still do not have any spaghetti noodles for dinner wednesday night. I have gone to the bank, twice, one for personal and one for business. I have gotten my assistant to mow the lawn, that will need another swipe in a day or so because the grass is just laying there,
laundry, I did laundry before I packed and I still have about three loads. I got all the clean stuff sorted, hung up and put away, all the suit cases are put away, the studio acquisitions are in the studio if not put away.

I am slowly decontaminating the kitchen, I swear, it feels like a 'roach motel' and while there are not BUGS there is just a lot of 'ickies' so I am scrubbing the cabinet under the sink where there is some water marks from it sweating during the summer, and naturally I am scrubbing the stove under the burners, because at some point during the summer, the natives decided that they didn't have to clean there when mom is not standing in the kitchen with a wooden spoon.

I spent hours trying to find the floor in my office, the 'assistant' was way to messy, and she really needs to use her OWN OFFICE, that will be dealt with tomorrow. along with all the projects that were not addressed this summer while I was gone.


Someone may have to come over and help me dig myself out and get ready for my fall studio open house October 6th.. I have given myself a 'date' so that I get something DONE.

since I am on a roll of my rant of the day and no one in this house wants to listen to me. I will bless 'ya'all' with my tales of woe

okay this assistant of mine that I inherited. she really has a mouth on her. heehee I do not know where she gets it from. but she has gotten way too much leeway and needs a proper setting down.

so she orders and downloads pro show gold tonight to fill an order, and gets just a little uppity with me as she is putting in the credit card and I get just a little irritated because she is not all that bright or she would have already done this order and mailed the flipping thing 3 weeks ago. but we get through that and I let her figure out PSG on her own, and she did do a pretty good job, all I had to do was figure out how to add the same sound track twice so that it would 'loop' and get the slides to sync up without selecting each one (308 slices) and I think that we will really put the program to good use.

first order of business after mowing and moving 3 year old junk car (still peeved at that one)

here is the list..

I] my husband announces that we are definitely selling the house and moving to Bergen Norway June 2008. period. okay, so like I can pull that off overnight. I explained that it could take 3-6 months to get this house ready for sale and 6 - 9 months to sell it. he was SURPRIZED. (it was on the market 9 months when we bought it.)

I am extremely torn about the move. yes it would be an adventure. but Norway is not as Over the Top with discretionary spending like we are here when it comes to portraits. I am planning on two trips back here a year for work and family, so I am not completely upset.

II] my daughter that recently got married and had a baby, her husband is going into the USMC in 6 weeks and she thinks that she might have to give up her house (rented) because the recruiter insists that she will not get any income while he is in basic training. and she is feeling very stressed. she has three dogs so finding her housing is difficult. she also has three vehicles (one running) that is also difficult and did I mention the HOUSEFULL of STUFF that she REFUSES to part with or downsize.

I offered her my old room at home with room for the baby in the walk in closet which she initially refused to accept because we can not have the three dogs and the three cars (room for one) and do not get me started on three bedroom house full of 'garage sale treasures' but has since had a 'come to jesus' and is considering it.

she would rather get an apartment and tough it out, but I have no idea how, and I have counseled her repeatedly on this, but she has it in her head that nothing is replaceable and everything has value.

I tried to explain that she needs to think natural disaster, what would you pack in the car and get out of with that you can not replace, but she can not see what she could leave other than a couch or a chair. aauuuggghh

okay, I loaded the dishwasher, AGAIN... awe nuts.. I drove her home and could have picked up the noodles/sour cream/cooking spray on my way, I forgot, (I didnt want to make a special trip) I really need to decompress.

okay, I am going to get some rest (it is 2 am) and start fresh in the morning... I still have to de-clutter the boy's toy room and my desk has sugar ants. grrr

III] I have so much work to get done this fall, I am almost not sure where to start. just like an elephant, one plate at a time.