Thursday, August 30, 2007


the long and the short of it is:

went to Washington in July and August 07 to visit Naomi. that went fine.

came home and Sverre insisted that we sell EVERYTHING that is not nailed down and move to Norway by July 08

Krys's husband joined the marines and so they will not have any income for 4 months and she is putting entire house in storage and living with me for that time. HE is pitching a fit that he have to sell one of the three vehicles because there is no freaking room to store all of them. She is bringing the little punkrat that is now 6 months old

Jasmine is working for Directv and had various moments of drama each week, I am refusing to get sucked into the vortex. My plate is already too full.

Magnus has been sick for some months how with bowel issues and continues to see specialist. we have not solved the problem and are pretty concerned.

Erik is in the 2nd grade and has gotten so mouthy and disrespectful, we have tentatively canceled his birthday this year and he will remain 7 until we see a change in his behavior. ;)

I am craig's listing everything and the spammers are starting to irritate the dickens out of me. I need another cup of coffee.