Saturday, August 11, 2007

Two Down, Four to Go

depending on how you look at it, two boxes of 'stuff' or the two 'packages' (Krystal and Jordan) are back in Houston.

Morning: Krys was a major Grouch. nagging Jason, Screaming at me, overall just irritable. I am sure she was worried that she was not going to get all her luggage home safely without something going wrong. It really did look like she was going to need 10 or so boxes, but it all fit in one suit case (50 lbs) and one new car seat box (including the new car seat) (50 lbs). As well as the backpack (10 lbs ) and diaper bag (20 lbs).

while Krys primped in the bathroom, G'ma was talking to Jordan, it was pretty cute to see him watch her mouth as she exaggerated the sounds of words that she was trying to teach him. he will be 6 months old in 4 days and he is extremely smart and alert.

we loaded in the car and stopped for 1/2 hour at Kiwanis park to see the geese and pick some berries. overall it was just really an opportunity for miss grouch to have some down time.

Noon: Parked right in front of the airport terminal, unloaded all the bags, Krys was the last to check in, G'ma and Magnus waited with her in line while I parked the truck in the side lot. she was able to check both packages and the infant seat and base. She pushed the stroller with Jordan in her arms and the bags in the stroller out onto the tarmac, then gate check the stroller and the green backpack before boarding. The plane sat on the tarmac still refueling for an additional 1/2 hour so it was fortunate that she had a 3 hour layover in Salt Lake and the delay didn't affect her travel plans.

Dinner: we had a picnic dinner out on the picnic tables, fresh bacon, salad, egg sandwich, hamburger / french fries, macaroni -n- cheese, granola bar and kool-aid.
Desert: Ice Cream at McDonalds and playtime in the playport area.