Sunday, August 19, 2007

just news

hmm my news...

spent 6 weeks in Washington/ Montana visiting with the family. Naomi is doing well. goes back to school shortly. Jasmine is doing well. working full time at Direct TV in Customer Support. My Parents are well, getting ready to go to Glacier National Park.

Here in Houston, my daughter Krystal is doing well, as is her baby Jordan, he turned 6 months last week, I am in charge of taking him in for his well visit and shots, while his mom is in a WIC appt that doubled up but could not be rescheduled. Erik is doing well, very eager and anxious to start school the 27th, just one week to go. got him a new back pack and shoes two weeks ago and a new lunch box today. he is very excited. Magnus on the other hand got a new back pack and new lunch box and wants me to return both so that he does not have to go to school. he has some major issues about the subject. he has a doctors appointment tomorrow, I think we will end up at the Gastroenterologist before the week is out. he has some serious issues with bloody stools for a couple of months now and we are getting no where with the current treatment.

as for me, I am slowly gearing up for the fall family portrait season. should be a record breaker for me. I have cleared off my desk, and am ready for the party to get started. ;)

did I mention that my husband had finally decided that we must move to norway. there is just no stopping him, we are tentatively scheduled to move 06/07/08 to a small town called Garnes, Norway. that will take about every minute of the next 9 months to get ready for. Some local kids made a video. Hmm, rethinking this whole decision. ;)