Friday, August 31, 2007

I am going to kill her

oh I swear, I am shutting off my cell phone.

DA (for dumb arse) offspring number 2 of 5 is beyond all forms of help.

she is quite possibly the rudest child known to man.

her flipping DA husband is 3 months behind on their rent because if he paid it then he would be flat broke. la de flipping da, your married, you have a 6 month old kid. suck it up.

he lost his ever loving mind and is quiting his $1100 a month job and joining the US Marines. Moving to Southern California and leaving her with 6 month old squeaker. DID NOT get a wartime SIGNING BONUS (20K with army) and SIGNED an agreement to NOT GET A CHECK until after bootcamp! 13 weeks later.

she now has to give up her house, and live with someone else since she makes a whooping $6.50 / hour at a part time job. now she has two choices, his parents that smoke like chimmeys or us whom do not and are richer than god (her words not ours). GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK

I tell her that there is no room for her 3 dogs, her three trucks and all her stuff. she must have a garage sale and clean house. she is like okay, HE WIGGS the flip out because he has to sell his RUSTED out 1985 POS chevy truck with an 8 inch lift kit that has as door and front quarter panel from another truck, and no bumpers because it just doesnt. and that it is not fair that she gets to keep the FOUR DOOR Blazer that will hold the stupid carseat for the baby. and he can only keep his fully restored 1973 VW Bug. and some BS about garage saling the XBox, not even an Xbox 360, but one from pre-1993

lately she has been stressed and pretty rude and disrespectful to me and I am sick of it and my husband her step dad is REALLY sick of it. there is no freaking way that all her stuff will fit in this house. My dh OFFERS to pay for her a storage unit.

Her Blazer broke down and her husband (the mechanic) made some modifications to TRY to get the new starter in and ended up over modifying the u joints and frying the electrical harness for the a/c. I PAID for the tow rather than let them FLIP up the truck that has 4 wheel drive. (do not get me started on why someone needs 4 wheel drive in HOUSTON TEXAS) anyways, the bill is $400.

I just paid for the groceries, her electricity, water, her garbage, and my dh paid her insurance and 1/2 her cell phone, and 3 new pairs of slacks for work (mandatory dress code).

I told his parents that SOMEONE else needs to help, (I am still sitting on a Rx glass bill that he PROMISED to make payments on, but has not in 3 months as they agreed,) DA Daughter will not call the father-in-law because she doesn't want to deal with him and would rather let the truck sit at the repair shop until she gets her first check and pay for it than actually CALL her father in law and make arrangements to pick up the STUPID BLAZER and let him pay for it.

I told her that I was not driving 5 miles to her house to pick her up and 5 miles back at 7 am each day for her to get to work. she was like okay fine.

OMG I have no critism for Andrea Yates, I swear, it takes a STRONG person to just say no and not get sucked into all the drama.