Friday, August 24, 2007

Maggie Mae

we have achieved 'muddy waters' for stool, mostly due to the antibiotics creating such an inhospitable environment for the flora and fauna in his bowels. but at least we are not having so much trauma in the lavatory this week.

he is happier and much more pleasant disposition.

We went to the school and the roll is posted, he has found out whom his new teacher is and where her room is located. that will make the first day on Monday much easier with less unknowns.

his backpack is packed with his shiny new school supplies and he is ready (at least physically if not mentally) to go to school. Since change is never positive in his book, he is reluctant to go, but he knows that his teacher is Megan's mom, whom he was friends with last year in school, so if not familiar, at least a known person with a great recommendation. after all, Megan is super kewl, so her mom must be pretty kewl.