Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to Kat-kins

I do think that you have to find your 'happy' or 'sweet' spot and eat to maintain that. I found my happy spot at a size 4 in misses, size 7 in juniors. I got down to a size 2 and 5 but I was not 'happy' there and so I ate like crazy, breaking all the rules, wondering the whole time if I would go back to the way it was.

this week I find that I am pretty much 'on target' for the kind of foods to eat.

B: 1 protein bar, 180 calories, 19 gr protein
24 oz coffee

L: 8 oz wendys chili
24 oz ice tea

D: romaine salad with 3 oz chicken, tomatoes, cheese, croutons
24 oz raspberry tea

I was really worried that I would be able to keep to the strict diet the first year and then worried that I would be able to stop and then worried that I could allow the feasting during the bounce and now I am confident that I am over the hump and seriously able to eat within reason and maintain my current success beyond my next surgiversary.

I check the scale every other day now instead of 10 times a day. I keep my stretchy pants to a minimum, hauling them out for periods only, and keeping the unforgiving pants on daily as part of my routine. even my clothing buddy, my daughter refuses to let me get stretchy stuff, saying that I am never allowed to go back them, having learned my lesson and now have a safe guard in place.