Tuesday, January 01, 2008

scale inching up

at no point do I ever not want carbs. I swear, I dream about carbs. and the more carbs I consume, the higher my weight goes. so I am about to cut back on them for a few weeks. first, last and formost, if you fill up on the good stuff... lean meats and leafy green vegetables, you do not have room for the carbs... breads, pasta, rice, stuff like that.

this week I made a rice and broccoli dish and sadly, it didnt go over well. but that was just as well, since all the rice would have sent my blood sugar giger counter over into the red.

this morning was 1open faced sandwich, whole wheat toasted, with a slice of cheese

brunch was a bowl of plain cream of wheat

lunch was not a good choice as far as carbs go: potatoes, onions, carrots, zuccini, crook neck squash, seasoned with garlic, pepper, italian seasonings, I ended up consuming two saucers which was twice what I should have

dinner was definitely not a good choice, banana, tater tots...

so the only thing that I had going for me today, was that I did at least stick to my portions, but as for content.. tomorrow will need to be more protein, less carbs.. I will have my cream of wheat, some boiled eggs, and some turkey and see if I can keep the protein to about 45 grams and the calories at about 800 for the day. that for me is a target.

maintenance is 1000 calories and 45 grams of protein. I know that I need to get my fluids up, I think that I have only gotten in 44 oz today, which is 20 oz shy of minimum.