Thursday, January 03, 2008

Freedom Trek

Student: Erik Amundsen
Country: Norway

In Norway, children start to 1st grade in school at the age of 6, they read, write, and speak only Norwegian. In the 4th grade, they all learn to read, write, and speak English as well. In the 9th grade, they all learn to read, write, and speak a third language, either French, German, or Spanish. When children reach the 11th grade, they state 'technical school' like junior college and learn a trade or prepare for college.

When Great Great Grandpa Olaf Andresen served as ships captain during WWI in Norwegian Navy. German's forced crew in to lifeboats, forced out on to the ocean, all drowned including Olaf,during what they called a Sea Trial. German Nazi's forced the entire crew off the ship into lifeboats, and then torpedoed the ship, sinking it, no one survived to shore from this attack in 1915.

After Great Grandpa Roald Juel Thommessen (Olaf Andresen's son-in-law) was the Norwegian Air force in 1929 – 1936, he served as the the General Major (like a Presidential Chief of Staff) for the King of Norway until 1960. During WWII, he had to live in Canada with the King during the German Occupation of Norway from 1940-1945.

Erik had earned his Cub Scout Physical Fitness Belt loop and his Cub Scout Chess Belt loop in November. Now he has completed his Citizenship Belt loop and his Language and Culture Belt loop. He is nearly finished completeing his Computer Belt loop and his Heritages Belt loop.