Thursday, January 31, 2008

fairly good mood for some reason

must be the Kahlua chocolate pudding chocolate bunt cake with cappuccino icing. I made the icing with powdered sugar and folgers cappuccino mix.. drizzled back and forth over a hot steaming cake and then let it cook into a semi hard state before slicing each sliver of coffee heaven... wow I get excited just thinking about it. LOL

we are freezing and wondering just how much longer winter will really be. 48'F is just not civilized.

yesterday as way to stressful for me with my family tugging at my apron strings. today has totally ROCKED OUT!!

I made a list of things to do, I have friends that are thinking about me. I have a family that is coping on their own. I am needed as a helper for the B&B in Houston, that is totally rocking my world. I got a new client last night. I am just too happy for words. my 22 year old daughter is apparently moving out this weekend. I have been extremely busy this week, lots of photos to edit, I have a big deadline tomorrow and another one on Friday, I am not sure how I will survive the SPRING season, which will start in a month and then all hell will surely break loose here.

I have hired a personal assistant and she is working on the bookkeeping and will be running a few errands to keep me from loosing my mind. I am registered for a class in two weeks that I am extremely excited about, it is maternity and new born photography, but the marketing I am sure will benefit all aspects of my business.

if I were any kind of good girl, I would spend a moment to put together a slideshow of the boys over the last few months and send it. it is seriously on my list of 'to do' and has been for MONTHS. I just need about 5 or 6 more hours in each day.
today I was able to get Chava' cards reordered, Keith's order delivered, Lexa's order processed and shipped, Krys's dress to the cleaners, dinner cooked, dishes washed, bed stripped and all the comforter blankets washed, both boys homework done, boys room cleaned and vacuumed, a note to Magnus teacher, he is being tested for dyslexia, trying to figure out why he has SUCH a hard time reading sight words (bank of words that kids should be able to recognize by sight without sounding out) as well as dealing with Sverre whom is sick and 'needy' heehee

awe man, now he is complaining that I can not do laundry properly, heehee I swear, he is so 'fired'. this morning it was the dishwasher and the kitchen sink not being clean enough. now it is the mixing cotton and synthetics in the wash. goodness gracious. he is sick and not able to clean, I clean, and I do not clean properly. I may fedex him home to Norway. giggle giggle

but anyways, back to work and family. we have been running nonstop with the boys activities. scouting Friday night, Saturday, and Monday night, chess club Tuesday, and homework in between, there is a girl that is really good friends with Erik, her mom works late, and rarely gets dinner on the table before bedtime. last night she ate over with Erik's friend nicks house, tonight she ate over with us. I feel sorry for her, she is really a sweet kid (she is in 5th grade, but totally loves hanging out with Erik and nick both 2nd graders. she really looks like a boy, and has very few friends, so I can see how she is grateful for the boys including her, but it makes no sense that she has no friends since she is really very nice.

okay, I have got to get to bed, before Sverre shuts off the light before I am ready.