Monday, January 21, 2008

New Years resolution to get healthier?

the weight loss is done. I am 20 months out from when I went to the doctor and she said, lose it or die.

I have been stable at 150lbs for 12 months so I am considered a success.

the extra skin has shrank up nicely in all honesty and so far I would LIKE to have plastic surgery but I really do not think that I NEED plastic surgery, so since it is such a PITA to heal, I will just by pass that whole thing and consider myself DONE.

the funny thing about this is, while my tummy is about the size of a fist, and I can only eat 1/2 a kids meal at Olive Garden, I do not really gain or lose from month to month. yesterday I made myself a ham sandwhich and I got down a little over 1/2 before I was full, gave the rest to Krys. I know now that I really need to just make 1/2 of one instead of wasting them or hoping that someone will come along and help me eat something. heehee at Olive garden, krys didnt finish my alfredo pasta, but she did finish my salad for me. her husband didnt say anything about us sharing (I stole about three bites of Jordan's Lasagna), I am sure he thinks that we are nuts.

I consume about 1K calories a day and am looking healthy. I got some 'fat' back in my face and do not look as stark anymore. I find myself on the scales about three times a week now, just double checking that I am not going over my goal weight. I was 147 for so many months that now I get a small heart flutter when it says 151, I really would have preferred to bounce between 145 and 150 instead of 149 and 151, it is kinda upsetting that that bothers me, but I know that if I can accept 151, then it is easy to accept 154 and then well 154 is okay, so 158 wouldnt be so bad, and next thing you know, I am right back to where I was. so I am keeping my eye on the scale and if I stay up over 151 for too many days, I cut back on the snacks and increase the protein and increase the fluids.

but I am sure you were really just wondering if things were getting easier yet, huh? heehee which for the most part, they are. I do not count stuff anymore, I do not measure stuff anymore, I do not fret about grams of this and calories of that and ounces of the other. I just live my life now and try to keep my blood sugar balanced. if the glucose gets too high (two or three oreos), I am having a serious hot flash, if it gets to low, (skipping meals) I am freezing like a Popsicle in December.

but I have not had to change up my clothes sizes in 12 months, so that rocks. I just finished my 'theoretically' last trip to the store to get the 'basics', I got 4 sweat shirts and 2 sweat pants and 2 tops and a polar fleece jacket to sleep/lounge around the house when I am not 'working'.

I watched What Not To Wear for two years, and now I do not know how those people expect to get a whole wardrobe done in like two days, I do not care if you are in NYC, that is nuts. it took me 12 months to get a whole wardrobe. and 15% I bought and then threw out, because while it looked good on the hanger, after it was washed 5 or 6 times, it looked like hell. I founds some designers that I like now, so that helps. I stay out of Sears and stick to Kohls, and sadly, Ralph Lauren holds up much better than White Stag. which sucks. ;) since White stag is about $9 and Ralph Lauren even in a resale shop is about $18. I really wish I had a personal shopper at Kohls, that place is great for deals, but it is poorly organized as far as where the misses stuff is and how the misses is on the juniors racks and visa versa.

at least the Dh is supportive, he has stopped nagging me about the 'junk' and has calmed down that I am stable even though I am not 'eating right' so we are happy.

anyone else making yet another new years resolution to get healthier? (I did it every year for 15 years (1989 - 2006).