Thursday, January 24, 2008

buddy.. my buddy..

now that I have all these buddies.. time to visit them at home, bring a pint of coffee and a scone

Marissa is as sweet as sweet tea, helpful and kind to a fault.

Sarah is a true angel, she and I have been down the same road with hard lessons and simple realities

Christie is just a hoot and a hollar over yonder and I am still trying to figure her out, definately a cup of java during the Babies and Bellies in two weeks are in order!

Melissa is in Missouri and if it is the SHOW me state.. what would she SHOW me? heehee

Joy is really a Joy.. and her images make me get all misty eyed. I would love how to capture the emotion that she does in her images.

Michelle is much braver than I, she is willing to put her self out there and compete. I am no where near that brave.

Tina: Florida.. I can do Florida, Florida is warm. website is just breathtaking.. I am truly humbled by the experience. and the blog matches the website.. oh baby.. I am gonna really get to know TINA.. she totally rocks.

Chrissie is in Pennsylvania... that has got to be COLD right about now, so visiting is just not an option... it is not only the beauty of the eyes that she captures in her little peps, but the beauty in the landscapes that are obviously for FUN. that tells me that she loves her craft.

South Carolina... Kim is something of a creative genius. even my grandson, sitting on my laugh breathed serious sighs when he saw the babies.