Tuesday, July 03, 2007

whew, what a ride

we were late getting out of Houston due to the Delta pilot being late out of Salt Lake City. missed the connection to Lewiston, was afraid of that, leaving that late in the day, allows no margin for error.

No flights into Lewiston on Tuesday, so they booked me into Boise, with a night at the Holiday Inn. The Messaging Shower head was VERY helpful this morning! Going to have to install one of those at Motel 6. Room Service at 6 am had fresh fruit and hot coffee. Horizon had free Starbucks coffee in the waiting area, that was SWEET, got a cupa java to wake me up. Then on Horizon into Lewiston, 12 hours late, but still in time for my visit with Naomi.

Doug is with the TSA , moved my truck from the Gustin Aviation Parking Lot to the Staut Aviation lot, that was extremely nice. I am getting downright SPOILED! the Truck is running really well as well. may take it to Montana this week afterall!

hanging out here Clarkston and enjoying spectacular weather. last year there was a pancake feed in the morning of the Fourth of July and then a concert and fireworks in the afternoon. I have not ventured forth to see if there is a repeat this year, but it would be nice if there was.

We are entrenched at Motel 6 and settled in for the summer.