Sunday, July 08, 2007


running 107'F is just too freaking hot! uncivilized hot! have been holing up in the Motel 6 with the A/C on. Today was a break in the Heat Wave, and it has been a frigid 90'F. have had the window open but no A/C on.

Naomi was here this morning, we went swimming, she was in and out of the pool and hot tub and bathroom just about equally. need to get her a velcro tie wrap from the dollar store to keep her swimming suit modest.

I was so hot this morning, that I went into the pool at 10 am, and with wet clothes on, laying on the wet concrete by the pool, I got downright cold. that finally broke my 'sweat' and I have spent the next 5 hours warming back up. finally bringing my body temperature back up about 3 pm.

have just about got the motel room with all the accompaniments that I need:

Microwave/ DVD Player / dishes / dishdrainer / electric skillet / silverware / utensils / can opener/ fly swatter. ;) we went to Costco this morning and nibbled all the 'samples' and got our tummies semi full.
Jazz should be here in the morning, and then I am sure she will sleep for the first 12 hours, but looking forward to her visit, have not seen her since January.