Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of July!

Naomi at 9 am,

French Toast/Ham, Tang and Mellon patriotic breakfast at the church... we had a pleasant time. Naomi was so friendly and Magnus had seconds.

we went shopping and picked up some supplies and the essentials for our 'camping' event. Microwave, DVD player, counter top skillet, dishes, a couple of toys and storage totes.

Evening event: Clarkston's Adams Field
Community Spirit Fireworks Display & music.The festivities kicked off at Adams in the afternoon. Plenty of events were planned throughout the entire evening, including the Colgate Country Showdown and a performance by Coltrain. the treats for us were lemonade, hamburger, and chocolate ice cream.

oh goodness. it was a long day but pleasant day, the band before the fireworks was so good. we loved them last year at the night out and this year was good as well.