Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Last night was downright scary. Did not get my fluids in, and the heat was not too bad, but over all, severe dehydration, combined with a small bowl of rice pudding, sent me into a toxic shock that was extremely bad. My heart was racing, my body was sweating, I had bad chills, and I passed out several times. Finally got 40 oz of fluids in, mom thought I was going to puke that all up. But by sipping away, I got it all down. Ate some nuts to get protein in my tummy to stabilize that. I took a shower to get my body temperature down and went to bed with my hair soaking wet and felt better.

Magnus eye is all better, all on it's own. Erik / Sverre are preparing to leave for Norway on Friday, that will be a long 24 hour flight for them. Erik has developed a fondness for Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana and so has her songs loaded on his MP3 player for the journey.

We went blackberry picking yesterday and found that the berries on the clear water are very sweet and yummy, the ones on the snake river are very tart and sour. We scored some really good apricots earlier this week, fresh from the tree. Loaded with lots of FIBER I can attest too. heehee

Went consignment shopping yesterday and found a couple of bargains. ;-) always fun project. Still have not located the diaper covers that were my objective, but maybe next time.

Drove around exploring and viewed the prairie fire damage up close in Asotin. Pretty scary to think of it coming so close to the homes there.

Magnus and I are currently poolside waiting for a washing machine in the laundry, it is laundry day. Luck of the draw this morning, got really good coffee at the motel, the odds have not been favorable this trip. Better luck at McDonald's. Starbucks of course STILL can not brew a decent cup of coffee in Clarkston, not in the stand alone nor at the Albertsons locations.