Saturday, July 21, 2007


Magnus whom is for the most part fairly calm, is now upset because there was nuts in his bread, is hogging every baby blanket in the room and crying that Naomi is making noise and will not let him go back to sleep. We got him a loaf of his 'nut free' bread to keep him happy.

Naomi has gone from a tiny petite cute little insane creature to a monstrously large an emotionally volatile and violent little beasty. Never knowing when she will go from compliant and pleasant to thermal nuclear meltdown, today it was in the bread isle at Albertsons, screaming her bloody head off. An elderly couple were asking if she needed help, thinking that I was killing her or something. gracious.

Erik flew from Houston to Bergen and only slept the last 15 minutes, had ADHD the first 23 hours of the flight. Poor Sverre. ;) They are going to tough it out for the day with no sleep so that they can adjust to the sleep schedule there, a 7 hour difference from home and 9 hour difference from here in Washington.