Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Week Two

It got up to 103'F today.

breakfast was toast, bacon and eggs. It is so nice and convenient to have everything we need right in the room

Morning trip to Lewiston to hit the bank, then Naomi was delivered early, for a nice if not quiet visit.

Lunch was PBJ and cinnamon rolls.

Naomi was frequently agitated because she constantly wanted to take things off the motel maid's carts. Finally got her to settle down and watch some afternoon PBS shows.

A quick trip to the pool was a nice change of pace and helped to keep her cool.

Magnus has the startings of a Hordeolum (stye) on his upper right eye lid, this is from the stress of being on vacation, he really doesn't transition well at all. Daily he requests that we go back home to Texas.