Sunday, February 03, 2008

oh those LEI Jeans (size 5L)

I have one of those pair of jeans. LEI, the ones that appear skin tight, but really are not, and after a couple of hours actually tend to fall off and I am constantly hiking them back up. anyways, yes, they get the looks.

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly would love them, but most chubby moms at the school just hate me in them. my first reaction is the say to myself, I can not help it if you choose not to do something, and then the second reaction is, it is not my job to help it. I choose this, with all that goes with it (I can still empty my entire tummy in three shots in the toilet if I get a stricture) and I know that at 420, you would tell me that you just couldn't do it. and your probably right, I do not know what the percentages are, but I am sure that we are in the minority of DOING SOMETHING about it.

my wow moment was not that I did heavy yard work that would have busted most grown men's @$$ Friday, Saturday and today, but that I did it with minimal breaks, mostly to get water not to 'rest'. I have a hellofa lot more stamina now than I did 18 months ago.