Thursday, February 07, 2008

it is 3:15 in the morning

Jordan is a total doll, he woke up at 3:15 am (again) and so I have been up for two hours, now the tricky things is that he was screaming his bloody head off, and his mom gets all excited when I go in to take care of him, she is trying that CIO crap to get him to sleep through the night. (do not get me started) so I went down stairs, made him a bottle, brought it back upstairs and by that time, he was quiet, so I stood outside of their door and listened, (I am such a helicopter parent/grandparent) and he was done crying. FINE. ;) I set the bottle on the counter in the bathroom outside of the bedroom door and I went back to bed. and tossed and turned. went to check on #4of5 (son) and he was up, he had fallen asleep on the spare mattress in my office, before I shut down for hte night, and woke up early was watching tv on his computer. I sent him back to sleep. yeah right. I went back to bed, tossed, turned, got up to work write down an idea I had for my business card, I went back to bed, tossed, turned, got up to make me a snack, 1 egg with grated cheese and peach salsa, and then got so hungry, I made cream of wheat too. while I was waiting for that to cook, I emptied and loaded the dishwasher (#4of5's job) and came back up to my office with cream of wheat and noticed that #2.1 (grandson) is relatively quiet but making some slurping sounds, his mom had got up to pee, found the bottle, and had put it to good use (see I was needed after all). on many levels I want them to get their own place and yet, situations like that I do not. she would have made him 'suffer' til morning, and it just breaks my heart. I can not believe that the little one will be 1 on Valentines Day. seems like it was just last month she was getting married, just last month that she was pregnant, and yesterday that he was born.

sweet mother of gawd, no wonder I am freezing to death in this house.. it is 36'F out there.

as for my business... you never forget your love. your passion. sometimes things just have to simmer on the back burner when your family comes first. I have been prioritizing my family first (kids, grandkids, scouts), my business second (daycares, families, weddings, boudoir), and my online community(setexaspc, props) last. I am thinking about leaving the ppa because I just do not have time for it. so many things are just kicking my tail right now.