Saturday, February 02, 2008

Highs and Lows

yesterday was day of mixed emotions. my grandson's first birthday party, I busted the scale, 156.6, that is up 13.5 lbs from my lowest low in 2006. I can not imagine how, since I busted my tail in the yard for 6 hours solid, two days this week, raking leaves, picking them up with a pitchfork, and standing on them in the trashcan, 17 (40 gallon) bags later the yard looks great, I feel wretched.

while I was working, I was drinking water or vitamin water. I ate two 1/2 sandwiches with smoked turkey and a slice of cheese to keep my blood sugar level, but towards the end, I was still getting woozie.

the birthday party was nice, BBQ'd me a killer little steak, I ate it with my fingers, it was that good. it held me off for a couple of hours and then sitting at the table, with sugar cookies, cheeze crackers, and birthday cake, just kicked my tail. by the time I went to bed, I was seriously dumping from all the cake (no frosting, just cake). I tried to get more water down, but that was just not happening.

I plan to get more water down today, so far I have had one pancake, and a couple of handfuls of trails mix. Maybe I should make me a tea or coffee.

I did make some good contacts yesterday, potential bride for December and two disgruntled brides that want their images redone, that would be nice. pick them up as lifetime customers before the babies start coming. it is 10:45 am and I am still waiting for Krys to get up out of bed to get her Wedding shots redone, I am still not happy with what we got from the wedding, so Jason is going to put on his dress blues and we got her dress cleaned this week, and will 'try again; Patty is coming down next month, and we will redo her and Krys' images as well before we start the album process.