Tuesday, February 05, 2008

coffee or beer?

here is a really good question that I should answer before I print any massive marketing.. also why each year I start this in January/February and I never follow through.

I do not know who I am. I do not know what I do. I do not know what my brand is.

I have several domain names because I want to be able to separate one clientèle from the other, but then again. someone that wants me for one thing, may want me for another, so

do I dump them all into one big toy box, or do I get totes and bins and separate out like the legos from the hot wheel cars, the puzzles from the gameboy controllers?

I am a separator from the word go. but I may be making it too hard on myself if I have to create as many different interfaces as my business 'needs'.

possible listings:
barefootgiggles.com for babies and bellies

barefootcreation.com for families or maybe this would be better for
barefootsmiles.com for wedding/ bridals or maybe this would be better for boudoir?
katamundsen.com for boudoir/nudes or maybe this would be better for seniors
barefootangels.com for ???

barefootclassics.com for classic and car club project

then I can figure out which name I want associated with which part of the business. but then what if it is something that I do not want to do in 5 years. or what if someone that wants family, goes to the site that is for boudoir? you see.. this is why I drink a pot of coffee each day and I never get anything done!!!!

I had a party saturday night, and someone heard my name, and said, Oh I have heard of 'you', meaning Barefoot Creations. But do I lose something that I would gain if it was more 'Macys' and less BedBathBeyond or Pottery Barn and specialized.

I think I need to switch from Starbucks to Corona now, it is 10 minutes after five and I am feeling the strain on my brain. someone tell me what to do. I can not make a choice anymore.

I seriously do not know what my brain dysfunction is. now I spent the day fiddling around with the new business card. fine. that was so not productive. do I want to use a blue logo, a black logo, a flesh colored logo, or a red logo to match the rose petals.

do i want my name to be larger than the business name? or smaller?
to I make my name long, or double stacked? you see where this is going right? Horizontal or vertical... left justified or right? bold or italics?

do I want Equal or Splenda? half and half or skim milk? PAPER OR PLASTIC? beer in the bottle, on tap., oh hell, just get me a keg and I will do keg stands tonight. I am never going to get anything accomplished by valentines.. I so totally suck at this.