Monday, March 24, 2008


Forgot about EASTER.. decided that if Halloween is about candy, and Christmas is about candy, and Valentines is about candy, forget it, enough candy.

10 am, Krys called requesting that I bring something to eat. fine. Ham it is. all the grocery stores are closed, lovely. Kroger is open, get essentially two paper sacks of groceries for $100. what a rip off.

burn the ham in 3 hours, fine. drive 17.5 miles out to the boonies.. nearly get ran over by a crotch rockets passing everyone as if he was late for dinner, and get out there to everyone smoking, and dogs and what not. grrr.

Krys put in a "R" rated movie for the boys (ages 6 and 8) sent them to the other living room, where they 'risked' waking up the baby, finally sent them to the car, too much drama.

got 1/2 hour tech support with the taxes. what a challenge. got the announcement that the granparent units would not be staying to help me with project. figures. Just as long as everyone else got what they needed I guess. fine.