Sunday, March 30, 2008

morning status

Naomi does not 'do' email. it is just not one of her abilities.

Jasmine is now living here in Texas near us. She came over last night, and babysat the boys and cleaned out the garage a bit to get ready for a garage sale in a couple of weeks. we are going camping this coming weekend.

Krystal she is now living with Jasmine waiting for her husband to get a permanent duty station, either in Georgia or California.

Erik and Magnus are finishing up school and the current requirements for their cubscouts

My mom/dad were down for a visit during spring break, that I spent the majority of working but working is good, income is good. they are now on thier way to Arizona to visit Bill's sister and her husband. they plan to see the Grand Canyon.

I am taking it fairly today, the pollen has done a number on my sinuses and throat. I felt a little tickle last night, but was able to attend a wonderful dinner party with 27 others to celebrate a friends 50th birthday. I woke up this morning, barely able to talk. Drinking lots of hot tea and hoping to feel better tomorrow (I have a 9 am morning session)